We are the world's most influential video game broadcasting company

N3RDFUSION is a company made of content creators (Broadcasters, YouTubers, etc) who share a passion for turning their job of entertainment into a life-long career. We created this company to better provide entertainment to our fans and to ensure we have a long and rewarding future.

Our talent list is nothing short of the best content creators around:

  • Bacon_Donut
  • DansGaming
  • GiantWaffle
  • LobosJR
  • PauseUnpause
  • PmsProxy
  • Richard_Hammer
  • Sevadus
  • Sloot
  • Timmac

We've been broadcasting on Twitch for over 20 years combined and some of our Talent was even broadcasting before Twitch existed (DansGaming & Sevadus). Our talent span multiple demographics, cultures, and personality styles - each with an individual sense of community inside of our larger N3RDFUSION family. With millions of broadcast views every month, we're an excellent partner to have for your next promotion project.

We empower communities, promote positivity through gaming, and welcome our audience's participation in our creative, engaging content.

N3RDFUSION, the only company of its kind in the world today, combining cutting edge influencer marketing with well-established industry experience. Our broadcasters bring a diverse array of skillsets to the table: livestreaming/broadcasting, video production/encoding, content creation, and an assortment of interesting non-gaming hobbies such as LEGO, cooking, guitar, engineering, and general PC/gadget technology. We offer turnkey production and broadcast services from our 5500 square foot studio in Redmond, Washington, including both in-studio and offsite work for custom projects. And over the past year since our inception, we have helped design and execute a variety of successful campaigns for our advertising partners, working with brands such as Amazon, Coke, Warner Brothers, and Syfy to strengthen their brands, engage new customers, and enhance existing relationships. Our extensive expertise can be leveraged for any project, regardless of size and scope - let us help introduce you to our audience in the most effective way possible!

A few of our previous and current partners

amazon.com Syfy Greenman Gaming Ubisoft Game Changer Warner Bros. Coca Cola Twitch