N3RDFUSION Announces Slootbag as Newest Managed Broadcaster

Written by: Sevadus
Published: January 5th, 2018
Read time: 1 minute
Tags: broadcasters, slootbag, announcements, sloot

We are excited to announce that Slootbag is now managed by N3RDFUSION!

Slootbag aka "Sloot" began his streaming career on Twitch in 2012 and has since gained incredible popularity for his top-tier WoW gameplay. Sloot's commitment to his community, his passion for high-end gaming, and his love of bagels has enshrined him as one of the most respected broadcasters on Twitch. While Sloot often broadcasts high-end WoW progression, he also spends much of his broadcasts exploring other games and game genres that you may not expect. Whatever type of gamer you are, you're sure to find a solid home in Sloot's community.

As with all of our fantastic broadcasters, we will provide Sloot with everything he needs to continue to grow and be successful including day-to-day management, creative development, legal support, business development, and more.