A Rant About Sky Factory
Written by: Bacon_Donut
Published: April 16th, 2016
Read time: 7 minutes
Tags: Minecraft, Sky Factory, Twitch
[Edit: I have partnered with the FTB Team to make Sky Factory an official FTB modpack. This solves nearly all the problems listed in this article, and from here out updates will happen much more often because I now have a whole team of people to help!] About two years ago I made the first version of a mod pack for Minecraft that I called Sky Factory. It was the realization of a Minecraft experience that I had been envisioning for a long time but didn’t have the tools to accomplish at first. When the mods I needed were finally made, I dropped what I was doing and made the first version that very same day, and it’s been a big part of my channel ever since. Apparently other people like it too. It’s been installed over 3 million times and has accumulated tens of millions of hours of play time. We are now approaching the release of Sky Factory version 2.5 and some people are getting rather vocally impatient as they wait. [...]
Early access to video games and why you should be okay with it.
Written by: Bacon_Donut
Published: March 24th, 2016
Read time: 8 minutes
Tags: Gaming, Dark Souls, Live Streaming
Today on Twitch.tv a select handful of popular streamers were given access to Dark Souls 3, with permission to stream certain portions of it. The game is not yet released to the general public (at least not in the West) and this caused a number of people to cry foul. “If streamers can play it then it must be finished, they should just release it” seemed to be a common attitude. There was also some people upset about who got access and who didn’t. I think people feeling this way might not share the same perspective as I do about what’s happening in this situation so I felt prompted to share some thoughts. [...]